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Strategic Plan

PACFA’s strategic aims and objectives are set out in PACFA’s 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan set out an ambitious but achievable plan to advance counselling and psychotherapy in Australia, and covers all aspects of PACFA’s mission.

Strategic Aims:

  1. Support the individual and organisational members of PACFA and advance their interests
  2. Strengthen the capacity of PACFA as a peak body for the psychotherapy and counselling profession
  3. Regulate the profession and the practice of counselling and psychotherapy
  4. Promote the health and wellbeing of diverse groups in Australian communities
  5. Lobby government, private health funds and other key stakeholders, and campaign for recognition of counsellors and psychotherapists
  6. Undertake, support and disseminate counselling and psychotherapy research
  7. Develop the counselling and psychotherapy workforce to meet the needs of diverse communities
  8. Consult widely to ensure the views and needs of diverse practitioners and clients are addressed by PACFA’s policies, standards and activities

For a copy of the full Strategic Plan, download the PACFA Strategic Plan 2016-2018.