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Education Program Accreditation Committee

The Education Program Accreditation Committee (EPAC) was established in 2007 to oversee PACFA’s course accreditation functions. For information on PACFA course accreditation, see the Course Accreditation page.

EPAC is responsible for the accreditation decisions relating to education and training programs in psychotherapy and counselling in Australia. This includes overseeing accreditation applications, reviewing and developing guidelines, policies and procedures on course accreditation, and providing expert advice and guidance on PACFA’s course accreditation requirements and process.

Download the EPAC – Terms of Reference

Members of EPAC are senior and experienced practitioners and educators from the counselling and psychotherapy field. Through their membership of EPAC, committee members make a substantial contribution, on a voluntary basis, to the raising of standards in counselling and psychotherapy education in Australia.

Committee Chair: Dr Paul McQuillan 
Ph D, Psy D
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Dr Paul McQuillan is a Counsellor and Therapist with Anglicare South Queensland, Coordinator of Research with Catholic Education and Director of Lifechange Therapies where he teaches the Advanced Diploma of Logotherapy. Dr McQuillan is an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Catholic University and a Faculty member of the Victor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy. He is on the editorial board of various international journals. He currently chairs PACFA’s Education Program Accreditation Committee.


Brenda Bentley

Course Accreditation Advisor: Dr Brenda Bentley
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Dr Brenda Bentley is a Senior Lecturer and the Head of Postgraduate Counselling programs at Murdoch University.  With qualifications in counselling psychology, Brenda is a registered clinician and researcher who has worked primarily with clients and families living with illness and facing death in the US and Australia.  Brenda is a student-centred educator and clinical supervisor who has an interest in assisting the development of new counsellors, as well as promoting the profession of counselling within Australia and internationally.

Committee members
Charles Wilson
Associate Professor Meg Smith
Jenny Regan
Patricia Bradley
Dr Margot McNeill
Dr Marie-Therese Proctor
Dr Angela Ebert


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