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Professional Development Committee

The PACFA Professional Development Committee was formed in 2013 to oversee PACFA’s professional development functions and to build collaboration in the delivery professional development activities for members.

The Committee is committed to improving the range and quality of Professional Development available to practitioners, both through PACFA and through the diverse Colleges, Branches and Member Associations that make up PACFA. The Committee is interested in developing effective, evidence-based professional development through traditional delivery modes and the many web-based delivery options available. The Committee has a particular focus on making professional development more accessible to practitioners in regional and remote areas.

The Terms of Reference for the Professional Development Committee are currently under review.

Committee Chair: Rob Salmon  (PDC Chair)
MCouns, BA (Christian Couns), Clinical Member of CCAA
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Rob Salmon is well respected for his relational style and multi-faceted abilities in the workplace. After running his own counselling practice for several years, Rob has set up a counselling centre in Southern Adelaide after being at Life Design Counselling for nearly 9 years. Coming from a dysfunctional family of origin, Rob has used his own journey to help develop a greater understanding of the issues facing people today. He has extensive experience working with men in both individual and group settings providing insight and tools for change. Rob also has many hours working with couples in pre-marriage counselling as well as working through a variety of relationship issues. Rob is President of Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (SA) and National Vice President, Treasurer & Website Manager of CCAA. In addition to his role as PACFA Vice President, Rob is Chair of PACFA’s Professional Development Committee.

Committee members
Nathan Beel
Emma Hodges
Carolyn van Dort
Kim Smythe – PACFA Operations Manager

For enquiries, contact the PD Committee Chair.

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