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Ethics Committee

The PACFA Ethics Committee is responsible for reviewing and developing PACFA’s Code of Ethics and overseeing the administration of PACFA’s complaints handling process. Complaints handling is a key function that PACFA undertakes as a peak body for the self-regulating profession of counselling and psychotherapy.

Members of the Ethics Committee are senior and experienced practitioners from the counselling and psychotherapy field. Through their membership of the Ethics Committee, committee members make a substantial contribution, on a voluntary basis, to ethical standards within the counselling and psychotherapy profession in Australia.

For information on how to make a complaint about the ethical conduct of a practitioner, PACFA or a PACFA Member Association, go to the Complaints page.

Download the Ethics Committee – Terms of Reference

Download the Position Description – Ethics Committee Chair

simone-photoCommittee Chair: Simone Falvey-Behr
Diplomee en Ethnologie (France), MA Psych (Australia), AdvCert Sup

Simone Falvey-Behr is a Clinical Counsellor and Psychotherapist in private practice, a member of the Centre of Ethics and a Member of the Australasian Association of Supervision.
She was a member of PACFA Ethics Complaint panels, became a member of the PACFA Ethics Committee in 2013, and the PACFA Ethics Committee Chair in October 2016.
Over the years, she has served on the PACFA Professional Practice Committee and as a Panel member for EPAC accreditation of master’s degree courses.
Simone has regularly participated in PACFA AGM and Council meetings.
Previously President of CAPAV, she successfully led it to merger with PACFA as a member of the Restructure Working Party.
Her international experience related to conflict includes some 50 missions on behalf of the Council of Europe and the UN.

Committee members
Fiona Baillie
Tara Green
Crystal Lockard
Kris Rao
Maxine Rosenfield   
Chris Simon
Merle Conyer
Scott Kratzmann
Ian Goldsmith – Special Advisor to the Ethics Committee             


For Ethics enquiries email the PACFA office.

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