A Tribute to the Life of Juliana Triml

Our colleague, Juliana Triml passed away suddenly in her flat on Saturday 9th September, aged 69.

Juliana has been a faithful and proactive member of CAPA/PACFA ever since the inception of CAPA all those years ago. She will be remembered as one of the stalwarts of our profession in Sydney and we pay tribute to her countless contributions over many years. I salute her for all her hard work. She was always on the look-out for potential speakers for our PD events; those who would enrich our education and enhance our existing practices. She brought many professional people to give us their knowledge and expertise and always promoted counselling and psychotherapy in NSW.

I was privileged to give regular supervision to Juliana and regarded her as an esteemed colleague and friend. I feel enriched by knowing her and sharing her deepest thoughts and ideas about life. She had a big heart, was compassionate and was a champion of those in need. She never shied away from some of the most needy and sick clients in our society; for example, she spent quite a few years working as a volunteer counsellor for the Methadone clinic in the inner city. She approached this work with compassion and tolerance and made a big difference to the lives of those who came to her for counselling.

Juliana and I shared many thoughts and ideas together outside her supervision hours. I counted her as a very good friend. I will miss her enormously. She had just turned 69 on 3rd August. I comfort myself that her passing was quick and unexpected. She didn’t suffer in any way.

Dr Kirstin Robertson-Gillam

As a member of the PACFA NSW Leadership Group and as Past VP of CAPA NSW, on behalf of the most recent CAPA Executive and our current PACFA NSW LG, I would like to say how privileged we feel to have worked with Juliana Triml, who was so generous with the time she devoted to our profession.

We all know of her selfless endeavours with finding us speakers over many years for our CAPA PD’s and more recently with PACFA NSW.
Tricia Dearden, a member of our PACFA NSW LG will represent PACFA NSW at the funeral ceremony and convey our sympathies and deep appreciation to Juliana’s family.

Loretta Walford