Accredited Specialist Courses

PACFA has established a Specialist Training Accreditation program to support high standards in counselling and psychotherapy education, and to help students choose quality training courses to further their counselling or psychotherapy studies.

Specialist Training providers can apply to have counselling and psychotherapy education programs assessed and accredited by PACFA.  The accreditation process involves, independent assessment of counselling and psychotherapy training programs that do not meet the PACFA Accredited Course requirements but still provide valuable training in areas of advanced practice in counselling and psychotherapy.

If you are a Training Provider or external stakeholder seeking further information, please email [email protected]

Please Note:  Completing a Specialist Accreditation course does not provide a pathway to PACFA Membership or Registration. Trainees undertaking this specialist training who wish to be eligible for PACFA membership or registration must have already completed training in counselling or psychotherapy that meets the PACFA Registration Requirements

 Course provider  Accreditation Expiry Date
Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists - Professional Training in Buddhism and Psychotherapy  21/01/2024
Gestalt Therapy Australia - Advanced Clinical Training in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy  20/06/2024
Life Change Therapies - Advanced Course in Meaning Centred Therapy (Logotherapy) Studies  29/04/2024
The Equine Psychotherapy Institute -  Postgraduate Equivalent Training in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, includes online delivery of the course  27/10/2025
Metavision Institute - One-year postgraduate Specialist Training in Holistic Counselling; and Two-year postgraduate Specialist Training in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy  11/11/2025
 The Relational Institute of Australia (TRIA) - Advanced Clinical Training in Contemporary Gestalt Therapy  2/11/2026