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Psychotherapy and Counselling: Reflections on Practice
Psychotherapy and Counselling: Reflections on Practice provides a balance of engaging and in-depth stories and case studies from the inside of therapy. Representing the key practice modality sections of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, the book explores examples from a range of therapeutic practices, grounded in the theoretical and evidence frameworks of the modality or approach and supported by clear and authoritative commentary. ... Details
101 of Being a Brotherboy - Recording
This webinar was organised by the LGBTQI+ Interest Group's Leadership Group as a part of their efforts in:

- elevating and increasing the visibility of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's voices and community wisdom in the domains of genders, bodies, sexualities, and kinship,
- challenging systemic racism and colonising practices within LGBTQI+ spaces, within the counselling and psychotherapy fields, and across the mental health sector, and
-... Details
Tapping: Rapid Relief for Negative Emotions - Recording
This professional development webinar will give you a practical and theoretical introduction to three Energy Psychology approaches and how they can be applied to treating emotional problems. A live via video demonstration of the techniques which utilise tapping on acupoints to bring emotional relief:
· Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
· Simple Energy Techniques (SET)
· Intention-based Energy Process (IEP), or Intention Tapping
Including research evidence,... Details
Rising from Existential Crisis - Recording
An Existential Crisis is an event that challenges your entire life and turns everything upside down.

In this online event we shall consider what Existential Therapists and philosophers can offer to those in crisis. We shall look at the way in which people respond to crisis and how they can build their resilience in order to rise to the challenges put to them. This is as relevant to dealing with the impact of the pandemic as to dealing with other political, natural,... Details
LBQ women's kinship, family formation and parent - Recording
LBQ women form and find chosen families in innovative ways that reimagine family. This often helps them overcome marginalisation through entering the mainstream parenting community but can also create challenges for them as ground breakers. Ruth will discuss her personal, clinical and research-based insights into this dichotomy and how-to best support LBQ kinship as a health professional.

The focus of this webinar will be on LBQ women, including some LBQ women who also... Details
Working Effectively from a Somatic Perspective - Recording
Working for the NHS in a time-restrictive non-touch and goal-oriented environment for nearly 20 years, Courtenay will outline how he collaborates with patients from a somatic psychotherapy perspective and how this differs from how he engages with clients in a clinical practice outside of the NHS. Courtenay works from the perspective of being an embodied therapist, able to relate with patients and clients at a variety of different levels. He promotes pragmatically: ‘what works’ for... Details
Do and Think Differently – Using your privilege - Recording
Racism is a barbaric form of genocide that only serves to enforce and perpetuate colonial violence. This genocide is enacted not only through physical violence, but also through administrative and social means, including through the actions of counsellors, psychotherapists, supervisors, and practitioner training programs. For generations, racism has continuously removed the freedom of my people. It eradicates and racialises peoples that are other than white. In our black lives,... Details
The biosocial model of borderline personality di - Recording
PACFA QLD Webinar: The biosocial model of borderline personality disorder (BPD)


Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is often described as a 'behavioural' problem - at times not even considered a 'true' mental illness. This presentation will describe the biosocial model of BPD which explains how the transaction of biological and environmental factors lead to a bona fide mental illness. Recent neurobiological findings will also be... Details
Culturally Informed, Trauma Integrated, Healing - Recording
Dadirri – Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness
Working with Indigenous community members.

Realising the widespread impact of generational trauma for Indigenous Australians by exploring ‘history of place’.

Rebuilding connection to community, family and kin, country, culture, body-mind and spirit-spirituality through;
• Creating culturally safe environments.
• Finding and telling our stories.
• Making sense of the... Details
Regulating the Client's Nervous System through - Recording
PACFA NSW Webinar: Regulating the Client's Nervous System through Body Consciousness

Imagery has a long tradition in psychotherapy. Combined with somatic awareness, it is an artful tool that can be used to regulate and calm the nervous system, tracking sensations and internal experiences that lie within the deeper layers of consciousness within a client’s body. Building this connection creates a sense of empowerment for your clients that open doorways to healthier... Details
Demystifying NDIS - Recording
This webinar provides information on NDIS, NDIA, and the NDIS Quality Safeguard Commission. You will be provided with a deeper overall understanding of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and what is and isn’t funded.

For those in private practice, Bianca highlights the opportunities for therapists to boost their client intake and increase clients for our businesses. This session reviews the three NDIS participant streams: such as Agency Managed, Plan Managed or... Details
Working with the trauma of narcissistic abuse - Recording
PACFA Queensland Branch Webinar: Working with the trauma of narcissistic abuse

Presented by Tania Cusack

14 May 2021

When brainwashing and existential trauma from narcissistic abuse are combined it is so much harder to untangle. Boundaries self esteem building and motivational interviewing alone won’t cut the mustard. What tips and therapies have experts shared over the years in their networks? This workshop will also reveal a new tool used for... Details
EMDR: A Taster
PACFA SA Presents: EMDR: A Taster 5/6/21

This two-hour webinar will explore the beginnings of EMDR, and what it is (and isn’t). We will briefly review some of the voluminous outcome literature and the independent evaluations that have been published by many organisations, including the World Health Organisation. We then explore the Adaptive information Processing model that underpins EMDR, and look at some practical applications of this model. You will be able to use... Details
Ethically Promoting your Counselling Business - Recording
Are you a competent Counsellor / Psychotherapist, but still struggle to promote your business in a way that is both ethical AND generates an income? Do you strive to own a successful business, but get uncomfortable about charging your worth? Join me to explore how you may begin to do this.

Trainer: Bianca Stawiarski

Founder and Managing Director of Warida Wholistic Wellness, Bianca Stawiarski, is a strong, centred and purpose-driven healer,... Details
Understanding & Responding to Men’s Distress - Recording
Men are unlikely to engage with mental health care and drop out more often than women. Over half seek professional help leading up to their suicide. Counsellors require support to identify and intervene in men’s depression. This presentation will breakdown key findings and discuss what’s needed to curb men’s poor mental health outcomes and assist counsellors to feel more confident to take advantage of a ‘short window of opportunity’ to engage at-risk male clients.

Dr Zac ... Details
A Journey into the Hearing Voices Approach - Recording
The Hearing Voices Approach is the peer-led recovery model for people who hear voices, see and sense things around them that others do not. This presentation aims to provide an insight into the approach that assists people to the alleviate distress associated with voices and work towards a meaningful life. Many people hear voices and find them helpful, sacred, or just a normal part of life. Some people find voices confusing or frightening and seek help to cope. These people are... Details
The Physiological Manifestation of Grief - Recording
PACFA NSW Webinar: The Physiological Manifestation of Grief

Liz Gleeson joined live from Ireland to present for PACFA on the 'Physiological Manifestation of Grief'. She gave an overview of the following areas:
• Types of losses, types of Grief, What determines how we grieve
• How grief can manifest in the body
• The polyvagal theory and how it can relate to grief
• The Window of Tolerance and how it can relate to ... Details
How to Make Use of Rank and Power Awareness in - Recording
How to Make Use of Rank and Power Awareness in Therapy

In this webinar the speaker presented the process-oriented model of the defining different forms of rank and power such as social, financial, educational, and also psychological and spiritual rank (Dr. Arnold Mindell 1995). We are mostly aware of where others have higher rank and shy away from owning our own rank and power. This creates double messages and conflict with others. Silvia explains how awareness of high... Details
Relationships, Sexuality and Disability - Recording
This webinar is for Counsellors interested in providing therapy to adults and young people with disability. This training presents strategies and resources to assist your clients in sharing their past experiences, present challenges, and their hopes for the future. People with disability most often have a goal (like most people) of “having a partner”.

This webinar discusses the following:
- Providing therapy to people with disability
- Practical activities to ... Details
The Therapeutic Challenge of COVID: Finding a ne - Recording
The Therapeutic Challenge of COVID: Finding a new mojo
How your choice of specific therapy models & frameworks may be helpful for your clients in times of collective trauma.

Have you been floundering with client outcomes and finding it difficult to motivate your clients currently? Do you feel overwhelmed by the task of therapy? Are your clients (and you) losing your mojo? This training covers the importance of revisiting the basics, the essential principles of... Details