Postgraduate Training in Clinical Hypnosis


Facilitator: Dr. Barry J. Evans

The course is designed to provide psychologists, counsellors and other health/mental health practitioners with the skills they need to utilise hypnosis in their clinical setting.

The course consists of online modules with associated online training sessions and hurdle assignment Homework Exercises, which are completed between training sessions. There are five training sessions across 2021, each consisting of 5 training hours (total: 25 hrs).

The course has five discrete but integrated components:
Component I: The Basics of Hypnosis (3 online modules and a training session).
Component II: Assessing Hypnotic Capacity and Contraindications to Trance (3 online modules, training session and Homework Exercise).
Component III: Trance Induction and Guided Imagery with CBT (3 online modules, training session and Homework Exercise).
Component IV: Applying Clinical Hypnosis to Anxiety and Habit Disorders (3 online modules, training session and Homework Exercise).
Component V: Applying Hypnosis in Clinical Settings (5 online modules, training day and Homework Exercise).
Students complete online modules in their own setting between training sessions then come together online for group training.

Following the course, students complete assessment consisting of small group work; two major case studies and a 45-min viva.

Being online, the course is ideal for practitioners who cannot access in-person training. Although training sessions are provided via online portals, students can elect to attend in-person with the training coordinator.

Contact Dr Barry Evans at [email protected] or 0407 864 724.


Total hours 190: This event counts as 20 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements (2020-2021) and 20 hours (2021-2022).

For full details regarding the event please go to the website.

1/03/2021 9:00 AM - 1/12/2021 5:00 PM
AUS Eastern Daylight Time
Online - Interactive Webinar AUSTRALIA

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