Mission and values

PACFA Mission

PACFA exists to support its members and the community by regulating the training and practice of psychotherapy, counselling and Indigenous Healing Practices to the highest standards of safety, quality and professionalism.

PACFA regulates and supports the provision of effective high-quality psychotherapy, counselling, and Indigenous Healing Practices.

To do this, PACFA:

  • registers and certifies suitably qualified and skilled practitioners

  • accredits appropriate training courses

  • provides resources and a professional network for the development of psychotherapy, counselling, and Indigenous Healing Practitioners

  • educates and advocates to the public, other professions, and policy makers to ensure the value of psychotherapy, counselling and Indigenous Healing Practices is recognised and appreciated.

PACFA Values

  • Authenticity:

    • We act with integrity by being consistent, fair, transparent and accountable. 
    • We are trustworthy and professional. We do what we say we will do. 
    • We are courageous in our willingness to speak our truth.
    • We stand for the value and integrity of psychotherapy, counselling and Indigenous Healing Practices.


    • We approach everyone from a position of kindness and goodwill.
    • We celebrate difference and diversity.


    • We seek to connect with curiosity and openness.
    • We value the self of the practitioner as the heart of professional practice, and the role of professional supervision in safeguarding our practices and their recipients. 


    • We acknowledge our mistakes, embrace our failures, and learn from them.

PACFA Constitution

PACFA’s aims and objectives are also set out in the Constitution.

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