Neuroscience of a Bully - Recording

Neuroscience of a Bully - Recording
When I was asked to see a client who had been identified as a bully I began a quest to find what is best practice for treating the bully. I was also part of an applied study which measured workplace culture, this highlighted that bullying is more prevalent in poor functioning organisations. When I have presented about workplace bullying numerous people have approached me to say they had been bullied, no-one listened, so they left. I am speaking for them.

Fiona Stevens

Fiona is a psychologist with endorsements in clinical and forensic psychology. She has worked in both clinical and organisational settings so chose to do a Masters in Work and Organisational Psychology. In the course of her career she has worked with high performance personnel which has served to highlight ways to manage risk at work. These ideas are relevant to all organisational settings including those where they have personnel reporting on bullying behaviours.

She has published a chapter titled “What to do with the Bully?” in the book - Neuropsychotherapy Theoretical Underpinnings and Clinical Applications. She also co-authored a chapter titled "The Roles of the Counselling Professional in Treating Targets and Perpetrators of Workplace Bullying" in the book - Pathways of Job-related Negative Behaviour. Handbooks of Workplace Bullying, Emotional Abuse and Harassment, vol 2.

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