The Physiological Manifestation of Grief - Recording

The Physiological Manifestation of Grief - Recording
PACFA NSW Webinar: The Physiological Manifestation of Grief

Liz Gleeson joined live from Ireland to present for PACFA on the 'Physiological Manifestation of Grief'. She gave an overview of the following areas:
• Types of losses, types of Grief, What determines how we grieve
• How grief can manifest in the body
• The polyvagal theory and how it can relate to grief
• The Window of Tolerance and how it can relate to grief
• What clinicians can do to effectively support their grieving clients

Following her presentation was a 30-minute Q&A.

Presenter: Liz Gleeson

Liz is an experienced Psychotherapist and Educator in the area of Grief and Loss and is currently a PhD student in the field of Grief Education. She offers workshops and trainings for a variety of organisations and is a Module Coordinator for the MSc Bereavement Studies at the Irish Hospice Foundation & Royal College Of Surgeons Ireland. Qualified with a MA Dramatherapy, MSc Bereavement Studies and MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Liz’s approach is well grounded in theory & practice. In 2019, Liz set-up the podcast ‘Shapes Of Grief’ which has found its way onto recommended resources in Universities and Colleges internationally, as an excellent resource for grief education, earning 100,000+ plays in its first two years. She offers one-to-one therapeutic support for those going through grief of any kind from her private practice in Greystones (and online) and also facilitates a number of Bereavement Groups. Liz is a curator of the Shapes Of Grief Global Grief Education Programme, an Award-Winning Grief Training for Counsellors & Psychotherapists and speaks at conferences and summits internationally about all aspects of Grief.
For more on Liz's work in the area of Grief Education, please see

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