Monthly Archive: May 2016

Changes to PACFA Post-nominals

At the April Council meeting, the PACFA Council decided to change the PACFA post-nominal for PACFA Clinical Registrants. Only PACFA Registrants can use a PACFA post-nominal as it describes their registration with PACFA. This benefit is not available to other members of PACFA. The post-nominal helps members of the public to recognise that the practitioner …

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Changes to application requirements for PACFA Accredited Supervisors

At the April Council meeting, the PACFA Council supported a proposal to change the application requirements to become a PACFA Accredited Supervisor. To be eligible to apply, practitioners must have 5 years of post-qualifying experience and must meet one of the pathways to accreditation as set out in the Accredited Supervisor Requirements. Previously, the 5 …

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