Conference 2014

Conference 2014

For practitioners interested in the proceedings from the very successful joint Conference which took place from 13-15 June 2014, some of the speaker PowerPoint Presentations are now live and can be downloaded from the  Conference Website.

PACFA collaborated with ARCC (Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors) and CAPA NSW (Counsellors And Psychotherapists Association of NSW) for the Joint Biennial National Conference which was held in Sydney in June 2014.

The Conference theme Complexity & Connectedness in Life & Love explored how counsellors and psychotherapists support clients with the complex challenges of life and relationships in the 21st century, where identity and wellbeing are shaped by the prevalence of trauma and mental health issues, and the therapeutic encounter is an opportunity for greater connectedness in the face of growing isolation in our world.


Conference Committee members

  • Committee Chair: Professor Ione Lewis (PACFA)
  • Charles Wilson (PACFA)
  • Rob Salmon (PACFA)
  • Guy Vicars (AARC)
  • Lorraine Earle (AARC)
  • Gina O’Neil (CAPA NSW)
  • Jo Fleet (CAPA NSW)
  • Elida Meadows (Consumer and Carer Rep)

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