Register Audit taking place and new Audit Guidelines published

PACFA is currently conducting an audit of membership and registration renewals based on the new PACFA Register Audit Guidelines which were published recently.

PACFA requires all Registrants to participate in an audit process to ensure their membership or registration renewal is completed correctly. This helps ensure the integrity of the PACFA Register. Registrants are not required to provide evidence that they meet the renewal requirements when renewing their membership/registration each year. Instead, Registrants sign an online declaration stating that they have met the renewal requirements.

Registrants are required to keep their renewal documents in a Professional Portfolio for the current and previous financial year until they are audited. It is essential that you keep the required renewal documents until your audit takes place. All Registrants will be audited once every three years.

The portfolio is made up of 5 sections:

1. Professional development records
2. Supervision records
3. Professional Indemnity Insurance records
4. Member Association membership records (if applicable)
5. Ethical conduct records (if applicable)

If you require assistance with PACFA’s Audit Guidelines, please contact the membership team at membership@pacfa.org.au or phone 03 9486 3077.