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Apply for course accreditation

Training providers and educational institutes interested in applying to accredit a counselling program should review the Course Accreditation and Application Guidelines which set out the requirements for accreditation and provide detailed guidance on how to prepare the application.

For full details of the course accreditation process and instructions on how to complete the Application Form, please refer to the Course Accreditation and Application Guidelines available on the documents and forms page.

Education programs must meet the requirements set out in the Guidelines, including demonstrating that the course meets the PACFA Training Standards.

The Accreditation Application Form is available on the documents and forms page. The application must be made in the approved form, include all information requested by PACFA and must be accompanied by the applicable fee. 

Information about fees is available on the accreditation fees page.


For further information on the Course Accreditation process please contact:

EPAC Administrator
Julia Bilecki
Phone: 03 9486 3077
Email: epacadmin@pacfa.org.au

For more specific advice on the application process for prospective applicants, please contact:

EPAC Chair
Dr Paul McQuillan