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Private Health Insurance campaign



In 2017, PACFA is making approaches to all Private Health Funds to seek greater recognition for PACFA Registrants through private health rebates for counselling and psychotherapy services. This has been identified as a priority in PACFA’s 2016-18 Strategic Plan.

Currently, PACFA Registrants in private practice can offer private health insurance rebates to clients with appropriate Medibank Private cover. As the coverage provided to clients through Medibank Private is limited, the PACFA campaign aims to increase Medibank Private coverage and to extend rebates to the other Private Health Funds.

Our campaign goal in 2017 is to meet with as many Private Health Funds as possible in order to seek their support for rebates for counsellors and psychotherapists.

PACFA will provide regular reports though eNews of our progress with the campaign.

Download PACFA’s Submission to Private Health Funds 2017.

Submissions to ACCC

In January 2015, PACFA made a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on the anti-competitive practices of Private Health Funds. Download PACFA submission to the ACCC 2015

This follows a similar submission to the ACCC made in 2012. Download the PACFA Submission the ACCC 2012

Submission to the DoHA natural therapies review

In December 2012, PACFA made a submission to the Department of Health and Ageing’s review of the Australian Government rebate for natural therapies, which includes hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.  In our submission PACFA advocated for inclusion of counselling in the review, given that rebates are already offered for counselling by Medibank Private. PACFA also provided detailed research evidence on the effectiveness of counselling and psychotherapy.

Download the  PACFA Submission to DoHA

PACFA CEO, Maria Brett, and PACFA President, Professor Ione Lewis presented before the Committee overseeing the review. PACFA’s presentation was very well received. The date for completion of the review has been delayed until April 2015.

PACFA has now been advised that counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy are no longer in scope for this review. We take this as good news as the review panel has concluded that the evidence-base for the effectiveness of these interventions does not need investigation.