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Renewal Requirements

Intern, Provisional and Clinical Registrants are required to renew their registration annually between May and July. They must demonstrate annually that they have met the Membership and Registration Renewal Requirements for ongoing professional development and supervision.

How to Renew

Renewals are completed between May and July each year using the simple online renewal process.

Log-in to the Counselling & Psychotherapy Portal and complete your renewal using the following form: PACFA Registration Renewal  – Intern, Provisional or Clinical. For all Registrants who are direct members of PACFA an annual membership fee is payable.  For Registrants who are also members of a PACFA Member Association there is no renewal fee payable to PACFA.

Go to the Counselling & Psychotherapy Portal.

If you are not able to complete your renewal via the online renewal process, please contact the PACFA Office, admin@pacfa.org.au  to request a paper renewal form. Applying via the paper application form involves an additional administration fee of $35 (including GST).

Registrants no longer need to submit evidence of their Continuing Professional Development and Supervision hours at the time of renewal. Evidence is kept in a Professional Portfolio and will be audited at least once every three years in accordance with PACFA’s Audit Guidelines. For details go the Register Audits page.

How to Appeal

If your application for registration renewal is unsuccessful, you have the right to appeal. For information about appealing a Register decision, go to the Appeals page.

Continuing Professional Development Requirements

PACFA’s CPD Policy has been updated with the new policy being effective from 1 July 2017, please plan your CPD activities from 1 July 2017 based on the new CPD Policy.

Download the new PACFA CPD Policy 2017.

The current Continuing Professional Development Policy will cease on 30 June 2017. For the forthcoming renewal period, this CPD Policy still applies. In order to complete your renewal in June 2017, you will need to meet the CPD requirements in the old policy. However, from 1 July 2017, please plan your CPD activities based on the new CPD Policy.

Download the old PACFA CPD Policy 2014 which applies up until 30 June 2017.

Annual CPD requirement – 40 points (ceases 30/6/17)
There are 3 categories from which the 40 CPD points may be accrued:

Category A – MANDATORY:  One hour of CPD = 2 points.  Minimum annual requirement – 30 points
Category B – OPTIONAL:  One hour of CPD = 1 point.  Maximum annual allowance – 10 points
Category C- OPTIONAL:  One hour of CPD = 1 point.  Maximum annual allowance – 5 points

The annual requirement of 40 CPD points may all be accrued from category A if preferred as Categories B and C are optional.

CATEGORY Aminimum requirement of 30 points per year via:
– Person-to-person courses, workshops, seminars and conferences.
– Participation in online facilitated courses

At least 10 points must be person-to-person activities. The remaining 20 points may be accumulated from person-to-person OR participation in online facilitated CPD.

CATEGORY Bmaximum allowance of 10 points per year via:
– Participation in facilitated learning groups.
– Imparting knowledge relating to counselling and psychotherapy through formal presentations, teaching, research and publications.
– Supervision participation above the annual renewal requirement

CATEGORY Cmaximum allowance of 5 points per year via:
– Contributing to the counselling and psychotherapy profession through involvement in the PACFA Board and committees or PACFA MA committees that supports the development of the professional identity of counselling and psychotherapy in the wider community.
– Self directed learning, logged in a reflective journal, including: – Reading and taking notes of psychotherapy and counselling journals and books; – Participation in online non-facilitated courses – Participation in peer learning groups

Annual Supervision Requirements

Annual requirement for renewal purposes for Provisional and Clinical Members and Registrants:

– 10 hours of formal supervision linked to practice in the previous 12 months.-
– Where a practitioner has accrued over 400 client practice hours per annum, they must have undertaken 15 hours of formal supervision linked to their practice in the previous 12 months.
– Where a practitioner has accrued up to 400 client practice hours per annum, they must have undertaken 10 hours of formal supervision linked to their practice in the previous 12 months.

Supervision may, for the purpose of PACFA Registration renewal, take the form of individual or small group sessions. It is strongly recommended that practitioners with a full practice seek additional hours of supervision proportional to the client practice hours they accrue.

Members and Registrants who are eligible to claim Peer Supervision may claim a maximum of 50% of the required 10 (or 15) hours of supervision as Peer Supervision. Where supervision is not peer supervision, both individual and group supervision are accepted.

Intern Requirements

Intern Members and Registrants are required to complete adequate supervision relative to client contact hours. An optimum ratio of one hour of supervision to four hours of client contact in keeping with training criteria is recommended in order to reach the 200 client hours linked to 50 hours supervision required for Provisional PACFA registration. Supervision must be no less than monthly whilst working with clients. Supervision with a supervisor may be individual, or in a group setting with no more than six participants.

Peer Supervision

Peer supervision is a formal process where therapists contract to provide collegial critiquing and enhancement of each other’s clinical client work. Colleagues or peers work together for mutual benefit, rotating the roles of supervisor and supervisee. Peer supervision can be undertaken as a dyad or within a small group of no more than 6 members.

Peer supervision will only be accepted for those Registrants who have been listed as Clinical Registrants with PACFA continuously for at least 5 years prior to the commencement of peer supervision. Where a Registrant has not been listed as a Clinical Registrant with PACFA for 5 years prior to the commencement of peer supervision, evidence of prior eligibility for clinical registration (i.e. evidence that the Registrant had completed 950 client contact hours linked to 125 hours of supervision) AND evidence of the 5 years supervised practice since becoming eligible for clinical registration is to be provided, in order to be eligible to claim Peer Supervision.

Currently PACFA does not specify the requirements for the training and experience of the other participants in the Peer Supervision arrangement but they would need to be counsellors or psychotherapists or therapists of a similar kind. They may be from outside PACFA and its Member Associations.

Additional Requirements for Accredited Supervisors and Mental Health Practitioners

There are some variations to the registration renewal requirements for Mental Health Practitioners and Accredited Supervisors. For details go to the Accredited Supervisors page and the Mental Health Practitioners page.

The table below summarises the requirements for all registration categories.

Registration Category Professional Development Supervision
Registrant 40 points (minimum 30 points from Category A) 10 hours or 15 hours for more than 400 client hours
Mental Health Practitioner 40 points (minimum 30 points from Category A) of which it is recommended that 10 points relate specifically to mental health practice 15 hours supervision of which it is recommended that 5 hours relate specifically to mental health practice
Accredited Supervisor 40 points (minimum 30 points from Category A) of which it is recommended 10 points relate specifically to supervision practice 15 hours supervision of which it is recommended 5 hours relate specifically to supervision practice

Other renewal requirements

As part of the annual renewal process, all Members and Registrants are also required to:

(i)   Complete a signed agreement to adhere to the PACFA Code of Ethics and Complaint Procedures
(ii)  Retain evidence of current membership of a PACFA Member Association (if applicable)
(iii) Retain evidence of continuing professional indemnity insurance.