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New South Wales Branch

The New South Wales Branch officially commenced operating on 1 July 2016.

Individual members of PACFA in NSW receive automatic membership of the NSW Branch with their PACFA membership.

A Leadership Group has been established to lead the Branch and to plan activities for members in NSW.

  • Frances Kim: Convenor
  • Brian O’Neill: Deputy Convenor
  • Barry Borham: Ordinary Member
  • Tricia Dearden: Ordinary Member
  • Jenny Regan: Ordinary Member
  • Marlene Formosa: Ordinary Member
  • John Harradine: Ordinary Member
  • Slade Hugal: Ordinary Member
  • Malbu Bert: Intern Volunteer

Activities will include:

  • Providing continuing professional development
  • Providing opportunities for networking and peer support
  • Undertaking local outreach
  • Promoting PACFA to local education providers and students
  • Building a vibrant community of practitioners in a particular geographic area
  • Providing opportunities for practitioners in regional and rural areas to participate

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