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PACFA Branches

PACFA Branches provide a regional presence of PACFA made up of individual members of PACFA in that geographic area. Branch membership is open to individual members of PACFA.

PACFA Branches are new to PACFA in 2016 and PACFA is in the process of forming the first five Branches from 1 July 2016:

Other Branches may be established in other States and Territories in the future.

Where there is demand, the PACFA Council may also establish more than one Branch in a State or Territory to meet the needs of members in those areas.

Branch membership

Individual PACFA membership includes membership of the PACFA Branch in your State or Territory.

If there is no Branch in your State or Territory, PACFA will direct you to local professional development and networking opportunities offered by PACFA Member Associations in your area.

Role of Branches

PACFA Branches may:

  • Undertake local outreach
  • Provide continuing professional development
  • Provide opportunities for networking and peer support
  • Promote PACFA to local education providers and students
  • Build a vibrant community of practitioners in a particular geographic area
  • Provide opportunities for practitioners in regional and rural areas to participate

Leadership Group Elections 2017

PACFA is calling for nominations for the Leadership Groups of its five Branches.

The closing date for nominations is Sunday 5 February 2017.

Please return completed Nomination Forms to admin@pacfa.org.au by Sunday 5 February 2017

Nominees must be Eligible Members of PACFA. Eligible Members are defined as members who meet the PACFA Training Standards i.e. have achieved Provisional Membership or above. To be eligible to serve on a Leadership Group, nominees are also required to:

(a) be of good standing in the counselling and psychotherapy profession;
(b) be a member of the Canberra & Region Branch;
(c) have no conflicts of interest that would prevent them from impartially fulfilling the Leadership Group role.

Canberra & Region Branch       Download the Nomination Form

NSW Branch                               Download the Nomination Form

PACFA West                              Download the Nomination Form

Tasmania Branch                        Download the Nomination Form

Victorian Branch                         Download the Nomination Form