Medibank Private Rebates

PACFA Provisional and Clinical Registrants are eligible for Medibank Private Provider Numbers. If you are a Registrant and you require a Provider Number, please contact the Register Administrator at the PACFA Office,

To apply for a Medibank Private Provider Number, practitioners must meet the following requirements:

1. Be registered with PACFA as a Provisional or Clinical Registrant

2. Provide evidence that you have complete the appropriate First Aid Training:

* A current First Aid Certificate,Course (Course Code HLTAID003). This course is valid for 3 years and the Australian Resuscitation Council recommends a  resuscitation update every 12 months
* Current Nursing registration
* Current Medical Doctor registration

For information on Medibank Private for practitioners, go to the the Medibank Private Frequently Asked Questions.

Rebates for Counselling services

Medibank Private rebates for counselling are available to Medibank Private members with appropriate policies. To make a claim, members must have a policy with the package bonus feature. The following Medibank Private products include package bonuses that can be used for counselling:

• PremierPlus, AdvantagePlus, Smartplus, HealthyPlus or their VIP corporate equivalents. These policies are no longer available for purchase but approximately 1.6 million existing policy holders still have these policies.
• Family Essentials
• Family Comprehensive

Members may need to check that they have not already used their package bonus for other services. You can do this by asking Medibank Private for a printout of your claim history.

PACFA has developed an Medibank Private Information Sheet for clients making Medibank Private Claims. Clients should refer to this sheet if they have any problems with their Medibank Private claims.