Apply for PACFA Membership

Applications for Individual PACFA Membership are now open.

Prospective members can now apply directly to PACFA for Individual PACFA Membership. For details of the membership benefits, go to the Membership Benefits page.

Practitioners who are already listed on the PACFA Register may apply to transfer from PACFA Registration to Individual PACFA Membership using the simple transfer process.

Members who belong to PACFA Member Associations may continue to list on the PACFA Register and to access other membership benefits as detailed on the the Membership Benefits page.

Members are encouraged the choose the membership option that best meets their needs.

Online Applications for Individual PACFA Membership

Applications are made online. To apply, you will need to register for the Counselling & Psychotherapy Portal.

You can then apply using the following online application forms:

Intern Members, Provisional Members and Clinical Members
PACFA Application – Practitioners and Educators.

There is a non-refundable application fee. For details see the Schedule of Fees. The annual membership fee is payable upon approval of your application.

Student Members and Affiliate Members
PACFA Application – Students and Affiliates.

There is an annual membership fee payable at the time of application. For details see the Schedule of Fees.

If you are not able to complete your application via the online application process, please contact the PACFA Office, admin@pacfa,  to request a paper application form. Applying via the paper application form involves an additional administration fee. For details see the Schedule of Fees.

Transfer from PACFA registration to individual PACFA membership

Applications to transfer from PACFA registration to individual PACFA membership can be made by practitioners who are currently belong to a PACFA Member Association and who are listed on the PACFA Register.

As these members have already been assessed for PACFA registration, there is no need to go through the full PACFA application process again. Please complete the Transfer Application Form. There is an administrative fee as detailed in the Schedule of Fees.

Download Application to Transfer from PACFA Registration to PACFA Membership