Intern Membership

Intern Members of PACFA have completed counselling and psychotherapy training that meets the requirements of the PACFA Professional Training Standards but are still working towards completing the supervised practice requirements for Provisional or Clinical Membership.

To apply to join PACFA as an Intern Member, please check that you meet the membership requirements:

Training Requirements

(1) Undergraduate Equivalent
3 years training in Psychotherapy or Counselling (A single 3 year training course of a minimum of 350 hours of counselling or psychotherapy training, which includes 10 hours of supervision linked to 40 hours of client contact undertaken during training).

(2) Postgraduate Equivalent
Relevant Degree plus specialist training in Psychotherapy or Counselling (A single 2 year training course of a minimum of 200 hours of counselling or psychotherapy training, which includes 10 hours of supervision linked to 40 client contact hours undertaken during training).

Supervised Practice Requirements

You have met the requirements for Intern registration (40 client contact hours linked to 10 hours of supervision completed during  training).

Registration Requirements

Applicants are also required to:

  • Maintain high ethical standards in their work
  • Have Professional Indemnity Insurance for any client work undertaken during training (Student Members of PACFA will automatically receive free insurance under PACFA’s Master Insurance Policy if they answer the insurance questions in the membership application form)

Conditions of Intern Membership

Intern membership is for a period of two years. During this time Interns are gradually building up their client hours with the goal of achieving 200 client hours linked to 50 hours of supervision required for membership as a Provisional Member.

If the Intern has not upgraded to membership as a Provisional or Clinical Member by the end of the two-year internship, an application can be made via email for a further two year period as an Intern.

Interns are required to meet the annual renewal requirements in terms of supervision and CPD (see below for details).

Renewal Requirements for Interns

  1. Professional Development – 20 Hours per year (for details see the PACFA CPD Policy)
  2. Intern Registrants are required to complete adequate supervision relative to client contact hours. An optimum ratio of one hour of supervision to four hours of client contact in keeping with training criteria is recommended in order to reach the 200 client hours linked to 50 hours supervision required for Provisional PACFA registration. Supervision must be no less than monthly whilst working with clients. Supervision with a supervisor may be individual, or in a group setting with no more than six participants.
  3. Professional Indemnity Insurance – Continuous Professional Indemnity insurance must be maintained
  4. Abide by the PACFA Code of Ethics
  5. Abide by the PACFA Constitution

Membership Applications and Upgrades

To apply for Intern Membership of PACFA, please see the Join PACFA as an Individual page.

Interns may upgrade to a higher membership category once they meet the requirements for additional supervised practice as detailed in the PACFA Training Standards.

For details see the Upgrade page.