Conference Theme

In September 2016 in Melbourne, PACFA, CCAA, SCAPE and APECA hosted a joint conference  on the theme, Transformation through Relationship: The Heart and Soul of Therapy, which drew together aspects of integrative, spiritual, and educational practice, transforming the relationship between therapist and client, teacher and student. The encounter of being a therapist or an educator is one of connectedness and deepening; a co-created process that is the heart and soul of therapy.

Conference Feedback

For all Conference Delegates who attended the 2016 joint conference, you are invited to complete the conference feedback forms.

DAY 1 | SATURDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2016 – Feedback form
DAY 2 | SUNDAY 11 SEPTEMBER 2016 – Feedback form

Speakers’ PowerPoint Presentations

** Please note: Some presenters did not consent to make their presenations available on the PACFA website as this is not always approporaite, depending on the content of the presentation.

Pre-Conference Workshops available for download

Professor Mick Cooper Working at relational depth
Dr Jennifer FitzgeraldAttachment theory into practice: An introduction to EFT for Couples

Conference presentations available for download

Irene Alexander – The Spiritual Core of Transformation
Dr Mary Ann Rose Bartolo & Dr Flordeliza Posadas – A Psycho-educational Intervention for Youth at Risk
Nathan Beel – Counselling men: An introduction to man-friendly counselling
Dr Cathy Bettman – Paddling in the same direction
Dr Cosimo Chiera & Dr Thomas Edwards – Hope: A key attribute of successful therapeutic relationships
Dr Stephen Larmar – Traversing the Challenges of International Counselling Education: Lessons from the FieldNicola Lock – Transformative Learning Through Supervision in a Multi-Disciplinary Context
Research Forum speakers, Dr Eng Kong Tan, Maureen Ireland & Professor Ione LewisLiterature Review: The Effectiveness of Spiritual and Religious Interventions in Therapy

Other conference presentations

Iona L. Abrahamson & Hellene T. Demosthenous – On Transformation Through Relationship in Infidelity Counselling and Psychotherapy Research
Dr Judith Ayre – The necessary conditions for transformation through relationship in education
Rosa Bologna – Beyond the client-counsellor relationship: Exploring relational practices with key stakeholders in mental health counselling
Dinah Buchanan – ‘Opening to Grace’ Finding myself through embodied Relationship
Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald – I am human
Kaye Gersch – The Dark Night of the Soul: How might this approach to suffering be relevant to contemporary therapeutic practice?
Michele Hayes – Endings: What Schrodinger’s cat might have to say
Professor Dato’ Dr. See (Susie) Ching Mey – Mind-Body Connection: The Role of Helping Professionals
Dr Marie-Therese Proctor – Conceptualising, designing and implementing ‘transformative’ counselling curriculum: Privileging relationship, relatedness and connection in counsellor training and education.
Dr Paul Whetham – Transformation through faith: “the forgotten factor”