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Appeal a Register Decision

Practitioners and Registrants who are not happy with a decision relating to the PACFA National Register have the right to appeal.

To appeal, Registrants should follow the appeal process set out in the PACFA Register Requirements and Appeal Process.

Download Register Requirements and Appeal Process (PDF)

When Can You Appeal?

Registrants and applicants for PACFA registration may appeal against the following decisions:

  1. Unsuccessful applications for Clinical, Provisional or Intern registration
  2. Unsuccessful applications for Mental Health Practitioner registration
  3. Unsuccessful applications for Accredited Supervisor registration
  4. A decision to list an applicant as a Provisional Registrant instead of a Clinical Registrant
  5. Unsuccessful renewal of Provisional or Clinical registration
  6. Unsuccessful applications for Leave of Absence
  7. Unsuccessful applications for Register Reactivation
  8. Any other decision by PACFA that affects your PAFCA registration

Appeal process

1. Contact the Register Administrator, register@pacfa.org.au, for assistance with enquiries about Register decisions.  The Register Administrator will be able to explain the reasons for the decision or address you concerns.

2. If you wish to proceed with an appeal against a Register decision, initially you are required to contact the Professional Standards Committee Chair as a first step to resolve the issue. Email natreg@pacfa.org.au with details of your concern.

3. The Professional Standards Committee Chair will convene a meeting of the Professional Standards Committee and record the recommendation of the committee. The recommendation will be communicated to you in a timely manner.

4. If you are not satisfied with the recommendation made by the Professional Standards Committee, a formal appeal can be made in writing to the PACFA President by stating the grounds for appeal in relation to the Register requirements. Email natpres@pacfa.org.au.

5. The President will convene a Register Appeal Panel of three independent members to consider the appeal. Membership secretaries of Member Associations are considered to have suitable expertise for the Register Appeal Panel. The Panel will make a written recommendation to the PACFA Board based on its consideration of the grounds for an appeal in relation to Register requirements.

6. The Board will consider the recommendation of the Register Appeal Panel and record
the final decision.

7. The President will communicate the decision in writing in a timely manner to the Professional Standards Chair and to you as the Appellant.